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"Finding YOUR way in a world gone mad"

The new book from coach/mentor & facilitator, Brad Allen


The world is messed up and for many of us, it's a largely miserable experience.

Thankfully, it can be a whole lot better, with a few relatively straight-forward tweaks.

Author, Brad Allen

The answer is simple - choose your own path.

However, truly achieving that, is not straight-forward.

This book contains what I have found to work.


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Who is Brad?

Brad Allen

Whilst I am a professional lifestyle coach and facilitator, I am just a normal person like you? Someone, who did normal life stuff and still failed to find traction and my place in the madness. I explored the classic and popular ways to self-help. I changed careers so I could devote more time to learning about how things should work.

  • I am the guy who sacrificed everything to support his family.
  • I’ve endured little recognition for years of effort.
  • I’ve endured multiple recessions and many years struggling to make ends meet.

For more years than I like to admit, I felt stalled and found it hard to rationalise what had gone wrong. The years of torment nearly broke me, but I kept getting into life, one day at a time. I fought to get my head back together and bring my body along with me. Through it all, I put on a brave face and kept smiling. I reinvented myself; I refocused my energy; and I fought hard to find a better experience of the world and a better understanding of my place in it.

I bring a wealth of personal and professional experience, as a separated father of five, as a lifestyle coach/mentor, as a facilitator and as a tech sector professional with 25 plus years’ experience.

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